Join our Annual 

Womens Summer Retreat Ladies. 

Its our sacred time with the earth. 


I believe our body wisdom is reveled more readily when we 

connect with the earth. I believe your wisdom is needed for this time of new earth emergence. 

- The earth has the power to bring us into deep 

presence and feeling with our bodies in an authentic way that empowers us

with the purest of power and clarity of our gifts and mission. 

- The sisterhood is there to bear witness and create the potent rituals of Initiation with 

so you can start your new beginning with the power of being seen, believed in, heard and 

validated. This I believes makes us all accountable to a potent embodied memory that is our Initiation 

from that day forward. 

- Initiation is for woman who want to take a day off from routine and honor their body and emotions so they feel reinvigorated and re-inspired on the path of their sacred mission.

-Women who want to give some attention to tending and honing their clarity and their gifts to initiate a 

new chapter in their sacred mission on earth so that they feel an ease of motivation and focus. 

- Women who are bored with mainstream reality and are ready to add in new dimensions of meaning and depth to their work and their lives. 

- Women ready to do what it takes to believe in themselves and the calling of their hearts longing so that they feel joy of new found freedom. 

- Women ready to discover the path of listening to their body wisdom and personal gifts so that they have more ease sharing themselves with the world. 

- Women ready to imagine that they matter,  their gifts are needed at this time and the earth wants to be allies with them so she has more confidence in herself and her visions.

- Women ready to Take time to discover their truest self so shedding the heavy things holding her back are released naturally with ease. 

Is this woman you? 

Here is the scoop... 

Ixeeya will be guiding you through a series of shamanic ritual art methods that include 

body movement, clearing methods, earth craft, herbal healing, sounding, hiking and introspection. 

It is playful at times, it may be emotional at times. 

Who knows where the journey will take us. But you are in expert hands. 

Ixeeya has been a shamanic earth guide, visionary artist,  dance healer and somatic practitioner for over 20 year. 

She has escorted women in circles, rituals and into the wilderness and around the globe to remember - heal and transform through life transitions for decades.  


So pack your bag and get ready for your Initiation! 

A day to remember. 

A day you will become more of yourself. 


Simple Snacks and Herbal Tea will be provided

Wild Pesto/Gluten Free Crackers /Herbal Goat Cheese /stuffed quinoa endive 

What to pack? 

- Your Lunch 

- a Full Water bottle 

- Sun Hat/ Sunscreen 

- good walking shoes that can get wet If they need to. 

- extra pair of socks

- Journal and crayons or markers/ pencils 

- Any fabric or light costuming to feel more connected to the earth and elements in 

- If you are asthmatic or allergic to plants or bees please bring your inhaler or epicpens 

- A towel or sarong 

- A rain coat and a large plastic bag for your pack in case we get caught in the rain. 

- Rattle and or hand drum 

- offerings for the land 

- a personal item that speaks to or supports what you are Initiating 


Initiations Day Retreat is $108

Registration ends May 31st (no exceptions) 

Send us an email to let us know your interest then 


Meet your guide Ixeeya Lin at 

Cancellation Policy: 

$30 non refundable registration fee. 

Refunds available up until May 28th

After the May 28th there are no refunds. 

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