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Ixeeya shows you embodied ways to release shame and reclaim your creative sacred power to bring your life back to life and become the best and most radiant version of yourself....

 An international teacher, speaker, coach and visionary movement artist who helps  you discover your self and other like hearted beings to make real shifts in your life that change the fabric of your community. 

Ixeeya has a unique love and deep understanding of the earth, the body and the sacred that is contagious and relatable.  A celebrated dance movement healing guide, intuitive healer, pelvic womb specialist and ceremonial artist, who develops both live and on line programs and potent rites of passage ceremonies  that have helped thousands reclaim their vitality, transform their relationship with their body and the earth for a more meaningful life and work experience. 

Her work focuses on helping you shift shame and fear to hear your true inner guidance and soul mission through a unique blend of movement and earth based rituals that help you unify your life with purpose and a natural embodied inner radiance. 
For years Ixeeya worked developing creative programing to support personal empowerment and community healing in the school systems, develomentally disabled communities, nursing homes and boy and girls clubs. She was a muralist and illustrated and danced on the side touring when she had openings. 
As she danced more and more she was  lead  to somatic healing dance trainings.
This is where her dedication to restoring the feminine as the path to inner and planetary union started. The dance led her into the underworld. As she embarked on her own personal history of abuse in this later half of her 20s, life started to feel meaningless and overwhelming. She followed her heart to service work and said yes to an invite to Nepal to heal and train girls coming out of the sex slave industry . 

That mission shifted into a date with destiny... an attack and brain injury that left her laying in a pool of blood while her spirit was shown what is possible for the planet and evolution if the feminine is brought back to life globally. Her healing, apprenticeship and service with the divine feminine had began.  

Dedicated to bringing the way of the womb back into the modern conversation for men, women, and girls. She has been creating circle gatherings and reactivating the ancient teachings of wild divine feminine, earth based culture and ways of the red tent for 20 years in service to the earth.

She became a devotee of the womb. Her entire life started to revolve around the teachings, embodiment, dances and priestessing of the traditions of womb wisdom.  All she was shown in the light realm...  feminine restoration and the healing of womb root were indeed making monumental changes for girls, women, men, they, them, sisterhood and the planet herself. 

Turns out the brain injury was a shamanic initiation... she trained in shamanism for over a decade and started a thriving private practice. She is now teaching and mentoring women to take their place as embodied feminine leaders, shamanic womb centered healers and circle guides. Offering Masterfully blended trainings for the woman who hears the humble call to serve the divine feminine through her body and earth stewardship. 

Her back ground of training and experience is cross cultural, long and varied starting with her love of weekly church rituals as a child and her first yoga class in high school, deepening with her years in Central America training in Mayan spiritual healing and in India to study ancient texts, healing dance and tantric temple arts, forming her mastery of embodied spiritual wisdom and body alignments. 
An artist and dancer of many modalities. A modern shamanic priestess fiercely dedicated to protecting and reweaving the sacred on earth, back into our fragmented global culture. 

Founder of: 

W.O.M.B. Dance
Womens Tent 
Fabulous YOU 
Embodied Woman
SpandaRupa Ceremonial Dance Theater
Embodied Shamanic Basics 


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