Shamanic Healing

Huichol Indians,

Give yourself the gift of self care
                                                               with a Shamanic  Earth Centered Ritual Healing ...

Deepen your connection to spirit, body, earth, plants, and the elements.
Experience the grace of your primal self .

Release emotional armoring patterns and find your authentic expression

Activate your healing from within and recieve the intuitive, potent , guidance that has the power to inspire and motivate your life forward in positive ways.

Unfurl tension and emotional holding patterns that allow your body to feel and express.

- Like the ancient whaling walls - it is essencial we hold a safe and intentional space for our grieving to have her place .... this space is here for you!

By Bypassing the rational mind and holding a space of love around each other we can recalibrate to a place of clarity and resource; deeply healing our wounds and transforming into our true brilliance.

The shamanic and ceremonial arts offer opportunities to ritualize our lives in ways that bring deeper meaning to a moment or situation, new perspectives, as well as clearing stuck mental thought patterns and contracted energy in our bodies. Shamanic Healing taps into the healing patterning that we were born with that is innate and given to us in our DNA at our birth!  There is nothing to fix.
 Just wholeness to Re-Member.

Both shamanic healing and the ceremonial arts can be worked with on the energetic/spirit realm or energetic/spirit  and somatic realms together. 

This work is earth centered and works in partnership with the elements and the energetic beings. Fire, Plants, Stones, Water, Earth are elements you will encounter with your shamanic healing, it is these beings that draw out and invite your primal self ...your body knows them intimatlely wether your thinking mind is aware of it or not - it is true for ever human being we are these elements and our bodies are soothed and guided by their medicine on some level ! 

A Shamanic Healing Session can be offered as body work or Energy work Both forms are held in Ceremonial space with prayers innsence, drumming /rattling and, sounding . 

Shamanic Body Work - in these sessions we work with the wisdom of your body to release the armor bands that result from contraction and emotional holding in the body - it is a hands on bodily experience similar to massage but more active and fine tuned to your uniqueness .  
The release of these armor bands offer you a sense of renewal , clarity , relaxation and often deep knowing and vision for your life . These sessions serve at any time in your life but in particular is a great resource for times of transitions or when you are feeling stuck and disconnected from self and source. 

Shamanic Journey Work : Extraction, Soul Retrieval, Journeying - These sessions are a spiritual healing session. They work with the invisible worlds on your behalf, interceding with love and preparing your physical body and mind to receive the prayers and blessings of the spirit realms. 

This is not religious. We work with your spirit guides, who ever they are for you. This is an energetic and spiritual experience that offer you deep relaxation, reconnection and guidance. 

 Because these sessions work in multiple dimensions they can be done in person or  through the phone/internet( remote healing )

In Person Sessions offered at a sliding scale -  $250 - $90
Remote Sessions offered at $120 .00 - $250US 

Ceremonial Rite of Passage Sessions: There are so many thresholds we cross: births, deaths, relationships transitions, personal victories at work or with personal growth, onset of menses or menapause . 
Cross culturally honoring rites of passage through our lives has been known as a form of tending to the health and vitality of a person and their community ! 

Guiding the co-creative process of personalized ritual and or ritual facilitation is a  service I  offer in multiple sessions. I  help you create a rite of passage for your life that specifically serves the unique circumstances you are living with. 

Honoring our transition creates completion and  closure as well as  clarity of what we have gathered and where we are going. As we clarify these gifts and lessons  we can  walk forward in gratitude into what is next with ease and grace  ! 

Offered as 3 sessions : starting at $275.00

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Join us for a Pause...Just breath, You deserve to think and do nothing for this moment. Blessings on your day.