Work with Ixeeya

Experience the Power of your Embodied Wild Divine Feminine Expression, Discover your Sacred Creative Covenant with the Earth. 

The Anger and Shame the feminine and the earth carry 

in her blood and soil must be healed.

Winter Spring 2021

All Sessions and Mentorship at this point in time happens on line or by special invite to private gatherings. 

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For Sensitive Empathic Women Looking for support and tools  to break the spell of shame and stuckness to discover and embrace their feminine genius and earth alliship. 

Welcome to a Sacred Creative Dancing Earth Loving Ceremonial Path to your Inner Balance and Power Woman. 

We welcome you to WOMENS TENT to grow and learn with us, to Co-creat with us or to rest a moment, gather some tools to carry on fortified, to journey on with us in community or take flight in your own direction. 

We believe that through your creative feminine genius the planet finds balance.

We understand we better ourselves to better our world and we need each other to do it all.

Womens Tent has supported 100's of women at the cross roads in their lives to clarify and strengthen their body, inner power and sacred mission. 
We have escorted women home to their bodies to understand the power of their womb and sexual life force energy to begin to listen and find their inner guidance. 

We have cheered on countless women into a spiritual infused inspired life aligned with their deepest longing and devotion to what they came to earth to serve. 

Yes we help you figure that out. 
A dear teacher of mine always says ... " Everything is Figuroutable! "

You are welcome and we are blessed to support you at this pivotal time.

 Here is a list of the ways we are available to
 support you one on one at this time.

Please check with our workshops, trainings and global service retreats to deepen into the sisterhood, the dance and earth based experiential teachings that really add new dimensions to your personal growth journey!

- Personal Shamanic Reading
Receive Recorded Guidance and 20 min follow up

- Feminine Embrace Discovery Session 

- WOMB Dance/ Sacred Pleasure Practice Sessions

1-2 Hrs. 

- Circle/Red Tent Mentorship

- Personal Ceremonial Guidance, Officiating, Guest Speaking

- Weekly Q and A for women in my programs


 Remote BodySpirit Sacred Power Retrieval Package. 
4 Personal One on One Sessions to kick off your Spring. 
All sessions are done via phone or zoom live one on one with Ixeeya 

BodySpirit Sacred Power Retrieval

A somatic shamanic approach to emotional and spiritual breakthrough. 

We help you reconnect to your body and the earth to unlock the root of your power ( pelvis, heart) and your spiritual essence, so you can release limiting beliefs, pain and shame to create healthy boundaries and a trustable inner compass to your intuition and spiritual guidance through 4 sessions and tiers of transformation. 

It's a creative process that goes deep and activates your inner muse to create some powerful transformation art. You can do this package in 1 month or take your time and give it 2 months to meet every other week. 
Intro sessions package. 

The 4 tiers of your transformation 

Session 1 - Shamanic Reading / Healing:  receive spiritual guidance and helpers to initiate your journey. 

Session 2 - Body Scan Attunement checking in with your pelvic floor mobility, body blocks, pain patterns and limiting beliefs to help you find the first steps for u winding and listening. Applying some of the WOMD Dance practices, Bhakti Yin, Unwinding practices. 

Session 3 - Discovery Session helping discover your deepest longing and the archetypal powers you are connected to help your manifest this. Working with the Concentric Circle Transformation Map.

Session 4 - Action Altar Session: setting it all in motion personalized rituals, practices, rites of passage, time line and a check list to support the success of your new emerging creative sacred calling. 


Fabulous YOU! 

It is totally unnatural to try to heal and grow alone. 

Give yourself the compassionate gift of support. 

Heal the shame and fear holding your life in the swirl of disconnect and frustration. Whatever experiences you have been through, you can take your power back and create a life and work you love, filled with meaning, inspiration and creative possibility that only you can do!

Feminine Embrace .... Embody You Feminine Expression 

Bring feminine brilliance to your work and your life.
Heal bodily contraction and shift old negative thought patterns beating you up every day. Learn about the power bottled up in your pelvic root and why becoming earth centered is one of the healthiest supportive things you can do for your body and personal power.

Schedule your session today to say yes to full body freedom, more confidence and your reconnection with vitality. 


What in your life is ready to be transformed?  

Make a Sacred Date for yourself and 
Discover your true authentic self rooted in the core of your body. 

- Attune to your inner guidance
- Discover the power in your pelvic root
- Align with your helping spirits and angels

- Cultivate deep meaning in your life

- Reignite your sensual/sexual power 
- Heal painful periods and infertility
- Release digestive congestion and low back pain

- Reconnect with your emotional, bodily intelligence.

- Unravel the kinks of stubborn stiffness
- Feel More at home in your body

LOCAL OR  PRIVATE GATHERING Hands on Healing Session Menu: 

- Sacred Womb Activation and Centering :

A Maya Spiritual Healing Lineage. 

     This is such powerful work for women and men. 

     Womb work tends to the whole abdomen physically and energetically. It helps reweave circulation and balance into your body. The practice works with repositioning  organs and restoring positive Chi (energy). 
Womb work conditions your digestion and brings organs and ligaments back to center. 

 These sessions reactivate your connection to your core so you can more easefully embody your deep wisdom, creativity and divine feminine / masculine union and fertile life force. 

This work has been very popular for helping women conceive, re-establish a regular period, reactivate sensual/sexual energies, heal sexual trauma, empower their voice and confidence, clarify their deep truth, unwind digestive congestion, develop strength in their bodies and help dissolve cysts, fibroids, cramps, yeast and  ph imbalance, infertility  issues. 

For Men these sessions can really support shifting congestion in the digestive track, help cultivate deep presence, embody a feeling connection with the pelvic floor, heal sexual trauma, release tightness and pain in the low back, urination and erection/ ejaculation issues as well as build fertility and vitality through out the whole body.


- Yoni Womb Steam: 
Like having a sauna for your womb! 
A sacred date with the healing elements of water and earth. 

A pot of healing herbs is prepared for you with prayers. You take your seat on your personal sauna stool to drink in the herbal medicine form the base of your body up. 

The steam is an ancient and effective way to condition tissue and balance ph in the pelvic floor and womb center. 

The session is accompanied with yoga and movement practices to help you open your hips and pelvic floor to deeply receive these sacred waters! 

Yoni is a Sanskrit word meaning "abode", "source", "vagina" or "womb"
The yoni is considered to be an abstract representation of Shakti and Devi, the sacred creative force that moves through the entire universe. Yoni means place of birth, source, origin. Some will translate yoni as sacred space of origins. It is the gate way to your womb, the power center of a woman's body. This center point of her body is where she accesses her intuition, her creativity, her feminine wisdom and interconnection with heaven and earth. 
A yoni womb steam has many physical healing benefits and along with those there comes a variety of emotional and spiritual healing unique to each woman.  

 Yoni Womb Steams can be offered as a session on their own or accompany a womb massage session. 


- Herbal Baths : Refresh with herbal waters! A beautiful blend of flowers, plants, prayers and water are personally prepared for you. This is a cool water infusion offered to the sun to warm and infuse the waters. 
Herbal Bathing is a timeless tradition shared with us from the Mayan Spiritual Healing traditions.
 It works in partnership with prayer and plant medicine to clear away unwanted energy, reset your auric field and sooth and condition your skin. It is hard to put into words the magic of herbal bather. It is just simply divine! 
On its own these sessions begin with a guided meditation and intention setting. They end with a long rest in a cozy bed prepared with warm stones for you to drink in the healing goodness of your bath.

 Herbal Baths can also be integrated into a longer shamanic or womb session. 
These sessions are seasonal. Offered in late spring, summer and early fall. 

- Shamanic Healing:  For men or women. Shamanic healing is an earth centered spiritual healing. We bypass the rational mind and interconnect with the healing forces of the compassionate universe.

 Each session is unique, but each one helps you to come into balance and open alignment to receive the unique blessing force of spiritual forces gathered on your behalf that day.

Often there is guidance that is offered to you at the conclusion of a session. 
All sessions include an aspect of earth centered practice: plants, stones, rattling, drumming, incense, crystals, healing touch.

Extraction work and Clearings
     Soul retrieval
     Emotional armor band body work
     Journey guidance 
     Healing with Sacred Light

* These healings can be offered in person or remotely via skype or the phone. 

- Shamanic Facials: We hold so much tension in our face, neck and shoulders. This session focuses specifically on this area with a fusion of Shamanic Body work,  Emotional Armor Bands Release System and the Access Bars Point holding methods to give you a lift from the inside out! 
 Shamanic Facials work with the energetics and habit patterns of stress patterns on a shamanic level working with timeless extraction methods and herbal partnership. 

- You will feel softer in this yummy release and look lighter after each session.

Embodiment Practices for men or women

-  Coaching:
 - Women's Empowerment and Bodily Radiance Somatic Coaching

- Shamanic Ceremonial Arts and Leadership Coaching.

- Mens Embodiment and Creative Life force Coaching 

These sessions combine council with movement and somatic exercises. 
I love these session because we can see real results entering your day to day life through your presence, voice and confidence and embodied joy. 

We get to that bottom of whats holding your back and cheer you on with some potent tools to support your forward motion in your dreams and personal growth. 
  As your story unfolds you will clear away limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns as well as bodily contraction from old emotional habit patterns shaping your body.

A practice of freeing us up to be our whole selves!  

*Available in person or via Skype

- Healing Movement
Dance /Yoga
Ixeeya is an experienced professional dancer and yoga guide. 
She has created her own movement and meditation map that supports any dance or yoga practice. 
She is a gifted teacher at helping you develop a personal healing movement practice, heal stress and contraction patterns in the body, directing contemplative ceremonial dance creations or helping you find joy in movement again.

Through asana, sound scapes, Indian temple dance, belly dance and shamanic dance forms you can open up your body, refine alignment and restore your vital life force! 

Ixeeya  has over a decade of practical experience and training in the 5 rhythms, Hatha Yoga and South Indian temple dance, shamanic dance and martial arts to offer you support starting or continuing with a sacred embodiment practice. 

Prayer Dance Healing Sessions: Some of us need to move to feel, learn and heal. These sessions guide you through prayer movements, guide you through emotional release and contraction to find your authentic moving prayer that is your clear invocation for that exact moment in your life.  Prayer  Dance is a fusion of ancient temple body geometries, the 5 Rhythm maps and the Sacred Symbol Chakra map. We work with freeing up you body as the path to freeing up your mind. 

* All Healing Movement Practices are available in person or via Skype

* Front Range Classes, Traveling Workshops and Trainings will be listed on the Calender Page. Contact Ixeeya to schedule classes in your community.

Experience the Power of your Embodied Wild Divine Feminine Expression 
Discover your Sacred Creative Covenant with the Earth

The Anger and Shame the feminine and the earth carry in her blood and soil must be healed. 
Thank you for doing your part.

Inner Peace, Personal Power and Deep Healing Pleasure Is Possible. 


Join us for a Pause...Just breath, You deserve to think and do nothing for this moment. Blessings on your day.