Ixeeya listens. With her hands and her spirit, she carefully listens to the body, and provides the healing tools needed to soothe the inflammation, decrease the pain, and guide the body back into balance. 

Ixeeya has a true calling to serve women: her intense dedication to her Healing Arts practice combines with her integrity, curiosity, and compassion to make her a potent teacher, leader, and visionary. Her offerings are unique and original, but based in old (even ancient) folkways. 

She's fun, sexy, lively, sure to stir up the crud at the bottom of the pond.
Circe Moss MacDonald Mother of a spirited lil girl, Professional Clown, Massage Therapist, Ceremonialist and Officiant

...truly amazing, reached deep down to ancestral roots of enormous impact.  I was rendered silent and richly rewarded.

Lila Tresemer : Minister of All Seasons Chalice and the Starhouse, Co-Founder of Path of Ceremonial Arts, Writer, Mentor, Womens Cultural Leadership

Thank you for being the amazing, embodied, sacred goddess healer that you are. Every time I do ritual dance with you I connect with my truest, deep knowing, passionate self. Our ceremony at the Star House last night (and every ritual I’ve done with you) helped me reconnect with who I really am and reminded and inspired me to live from that place -  such deep nourishment in these busy, disconnected times. I so appreciate all the years of study, practice, listening, and weaving you’ve done to be able to gift us with such unique and potent offerings. You truly are an inspiration in my life and I feel blessed to be in sisterhood with you.
Lorene Wapotich: Herbalist, Rites of Passage guide, Feet on the Earth Nature Based programs

"Your ability to listen to the subtleties of the world is profound and so important in helping us through challenging times." 

Sven Jorgenson: Visionary Circus Artist, Writer and Ceremonialist

"I am  changed woman from your deep, intuitive, spirit filled, care. You are truly healing the feminine one womb at a time."

Tara King - Moving Mamas, dance for pregnant women, Fertility awareness , mother of two daughter

Ixeeya Beacher’s work is outstanding. I have studied with her for over six years and have gained a great deal of knowledge. I have a better understanding of myself, my body and women as I learned to embody my energy circuits through her dance with the sacred symbols. 
Her shamanic healing work is powerful, particularly the uterine massage, vital for women’s self-care. Even after one session, I experienced a profound feminine vulnerability that lead me to a core source of strength, beauty and tenderness.
And what a homecoming experience it is to deepen my connection with other women as we address main stream cultural encounters of insecurity and competition with candor. Ixeeya’s acute sensitivity to subtle energies lends her the masterful ability to hold a safe and empowered space that promotes an open hearted educational process to rediscover women’s culture. Thank you, Ixeeya...I am deeply grateful for your wisdom, courage, and commitment to women of all culture.” 
R. Magdalene Canyon
Licensed Skin Care Professional for Maganda Health & Skin, Boulder, CO, mother of beautiul young woman.

I have been studying ceremonial arts with Ixeeya Beacher for two and a half years.  I had no experience with ceremonial dance previous to my introduction to Ixeeya in the Fall of 2008. I practiced Ashtanga yoga seriously for four years before I met Ixeeya.

I came to dance as an adult (with two children) through fitness classes at my local gym. I explored my new found passion for movement in the form of fitness. It was such a blessing to meet Ixeeya Beacher and join my esoteric and spriitual yearnings with rigorous movement.

Ixeeya's passion for ceremonial dance is infectious. Her standards of alignment and integrity from the lineages she borrows from are impeccable. Inquires are always welcome and encouraged . Ixeeya encourages her students to let the material shared in class filter into all areas of life. Class does not end when we depart the immediate company of Ixeeya's instruction.

One of the things I appreciate most about Ixeeya is her continual study of the science and spirit of both anatomy and alignment. Whether Ixeeya is teaching a yoga posture, working with sacred geometry in dance or massaging a client, her sensitivity to working as a conduit for healing and health is profound. As a woman who had never paid much attention to the cycles of the feminine body before meeting Ixeeya Beacher, I was elated to learn of the deep connection a woman's spirit has with the cycles of nature and the astral universe (the moon).

Ixeeya Beacher is gifted in all that she brings to the world of bodywork, movement and healing.

 Marci K. Marchand, MA, mother of two girls

 Ixeeya has taught me the basics of ceremonial dance and how I can use movement to heal my body.  Every time I have partaken in a weekend dance retreat, I leave feeling totally refreshed, renewed, and joyful.  The type of dance that Ixeeya teaches helps women to get in touch with and understand our bodies so that we can respond to the temples that are ourselves, and nurture them from the inside-out.

I have also received uterine massage from Ixeeya.  
The vaginal steam was something I had never done before, and it both invigorated, cleansed and relaxed me; readying me for the massage.  
Once on the table, Ixeeya communicated everything that she was doing and what the benefit of each touch could give.  

Since this massage, monthly cramps have ceased to be as painful, and my back has also ceased to tighten up, and this is due to only one session. I highly recommend uterine massage for yourself, or as a gift to any wonderful woman in your life.
Tristen Bonacci
Teacher of English and Core Values
Head Swim Coach, Mapleton Public Schools


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