Full Day Womens Beltane Spring Retreat!


Oh Woman Lets Dream Together! 

A Day where time stops and pleasure is our only duty! 

Its Beltane… Lets lay in the tall grass and dance our happy dance. 

A delicious day of divine feminine bliss

Drink sexy red hibiscus nectar and shimmy our sensual selves into 

Ecstatic Sacred Bliss with a mission! 

Dont worry if your response is “what the hell are you taking about?” Oh momma 

you need this, you are in for a fabulous surprise!! 

Or if you just smiled and felt a lil tingly that would be a yes too! 

This is an essential self care day. We will let the earth take care of us! 

Learn some really delicious self care practices to tend to our bodies, breasts and wombs. 

Make ritual with the earth! 

This day is all about coming back to yummy. 

You are extraordinary! 

This day is about you taking time to feel and notice how amazing, 

sexy, beautiful and lovable you are. 

Is it time for a break? 

  • Experience body and soul rejuvenatio
  • Rest deeply, as we are held in the loving embrace of the earth, the temple and sisterhood
  • Gain tools for self-healing to take with you for monthly self care rituals! 
  • Practice the sacred art of receiving

Are you... 

  • Wondering what the ancient goddess temples were like? And want to experience a modern day dream of this … 
  • Running around fast and furious, productive and on fire and you’ve been looking for a way to slow down, get outside and  treat yourself …
  • Not taking time for you and your libido is wilting and so is your motivation to care…. 
  • Really needing a full body reset to get to know your self because you don’t even feel like you know what you want or care about anymore… 
  • Stuck in your body and are feeling a lot of frustration, grief and doubt day to day. 
  • Wanting to stop thinking and doing and looking at the computer for one day!

Ive created this full day sensual retreat day for you! 

- You will be guided through practices that will bring you back to life and open your body and your voice! 

- Learn methods of movement that open up the stuckness and set the rivers of flow and shakti free! Beltane celebrates the juicy fertility of the earth. You have heard of Earth My Body?

Yes We are celebrating the juicy create yummy ness of you! 

Here is what we got for you … 

- A zoom Prep call so you don’t have to think about a thing. 

We are going to help you get ready! 

- A play list to start dancing to get your glorious hips ready for the day of Glory! 

Access to the Mystical Starhouse Temple and her potent Wild lands 

A full day Sensual Sacred Bliss Retreat guided by Temple Priestss 

and Sacred Dance Ixeeya Lin 

Follow up Saturday Dance Bliss Practice on zoom 

Your Goddess Recipe packet to keep the Sacred Bliss Cookin through your spring 

Flower Pedal Water Rituals and Delicious treats 

A vegetarian goddess lunch ( if you choose). 

Are you called to rejuvenate these 

Timeless traditions of wild divine womanhood in your life? 

Package price: $108  

Add Lunch: $28 

Womb dance methods reconnect you with the sacredness of your body, 

opening your hips, Shakti power soothing river resting your whole system carrying you home to connection wholeness body bliss and inner freedom 


First Come First Serve... 

1- Email WomensTentix@gamail.com and let us know to save you a space


2- then PayPal your payment to WomensTentix@Gmail.com (friend option) 

3- You will get an email with your Playlist to get dancing to and 

an invitation and code to the Prep call Friday night to get us connected and 

on our way to sacred bliss! And off we go! 

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