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As a global culture of women I believe we must meet each other, listen to each other’s stories, share our wisdom and our challenges, and support each other’s visions and call to action.

Women’s tent is a nomadic sanctuary. We travel and meet women around the globe, share our stories and help where we can. We support cultural exchange and help women’s rise is joy and personal power so we many all together uplift the feminine on earth.
February is self love month. It is the month we dedicate to to practicing loving ourselves more in order to learn how to bring love to others more fully with clear healthy discernment and and full bloom of receptive unconditional giving.

Women’s tent is on the move again... heading across the oceans and earth to meet women of islander temple cultures. We will be gathering in reunion and practice of our WOMBDances and be supporting the local women’s community vision to support divorced women find a place and skill set to carry on in a vital way. We will be teaching them both yoga and computer skills to help root their new business skills into a daily self care practice. Ahhh something all us Women need !

If you are called to donate to the KIM foundation to help us gather supplies for them or support this next Chapter of Women’s Tent Global Walk About you can do so right here:

Your support is always appreciated!
When you donate you can request to be part of the dance prayer chain and follow along with pictures and updates and dance prayer invites.

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