Laying the foundation for 2020

We are raising the Sacred Shakti loves. 

This is the feminine life force energy the ancient yoga traditions call Shakti. 

It’s a feeling we can guide you into more then talking about.

Here in my winter cave peaking out to the year ahead... I see us dancing.
The Shakti slowly building like brewing a pot of tea... warmer and warmer.. the leaves and flowers start to move and spin then wildly undulate through the water as the pot boils... then simmering and infusing the world of water with her medicine. Water becomes tea in the alchemy of this dance.

Shakti like tea, takes time to warm up, to feel and find her dance to land in her  simmer to infuse the world with the grace of her unique feminine expression.

In my shamanic journeys I hear a drum. It is steady and so is the flow of  women gathering.
It’s steady grace. I see spirit Dancers unwinding from grief and shock, from dulldrums and burnout finding their bodies again, their womb wisdom, their voices, their sacred mission, their joy.
All kinds of women remembering their dream. Twisting and turning into shapes of new freedom and expression. Coming alive with such deep presence and light in their eyes. Just CLEAR. READY AND OPEN.

The start of 2020 is exciting. We are laying the foundation of a new decade. 
That feels significant. What do you want to lay down to build this next 10 years upon? 

Please join us, share with your women, show them the door ways to the dance and ritual with us.
We are here to support each woman to to escort the change she is longing for in her life.
To help her awaken to her true power and sacred mission with her feminine genius intact.

💃🏻Find us at the start of 2020  Jan.- March 

Jan. 4 Candle lit Goddess Renewal NJ 
Jan. 12 Unwinding Grief NJ 
Jan  17 Goddess Yoga NJ ( fundraiser for Australia)
March 1-10 Wind Divine Dance Journey Bali

❤️Shamanic Readings Available for the month of January to support your New Year Vision Boarding. ( first come first serve) 

Email us with your Interest and we will send you the details 

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