Mother Daughter Series

 Girl Power 
Mother-Daughter Retreat Series

A Springtime Nature-Based Adventure

April 11, May 2, and June 6, 9:45 am – 5:00 pm

What if every month you could stop time for a day and deeply connect with your daughter to build a stronger relationship, deepen trust, improve communication, and have fun together in nature? 

The Girl Power Mother Daughter Adventure creates exactly that experience! 


  • Discover more about who you are and who you both are becoming. 

  • Learn new skills to help you communicate and nurture each other. 

  • Connect in a deeper way as you prepare for the next phase of life together.  

  • Explore the magic of movement, the earth, the plants, and the moon together in community.

  • Experience the art of feminine ritual and ceremony.  

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Parenting a teen/preteen girl is tricky, and being an adolescent girl is equally complicated and confusing. Daughters are experimenting with recreating themselves through exploring friendships, gaining new interests, and wanting to discover a place where they belong. A daughter’s transition to woman marks a passage for mom too! Mothers and Daughters need support and skills, connection and fun to make these years joyous, intimate and meaningful.

Mothers and Daughters need support and skills, connection and fun to make these years joyous, intimate and meaningful. 
Do you yearn for the quality time and close connection you two once had, but feel you’re losing touch? 
Do you want to help your daughter transition into womanhood but are not even sure you know what that means, because no one showed you?
Are you longing for fun, yet meaningful experiences to share with your daughter so that you maintain trust as you let her become her own person?

This three-month mother-daughter program will help you navigate this time of change with love, grace and trust.

“Through this retreat, I realized how wise may daughter is and how much

 I need to trust her."

The mystical, forested hillsides of the StarHouse land above Boulder provides a magical setting for each day of movement, ritual and creative play among the sacred sites and wild nature. Feel a sense of wonder as you explore your powerful feminine connection to the earth. Here, ritual comes naturally and will flow through our activities. 

"Getting away to the beautiful StarHouse land and connecting really helped us a ton!"

 “I loved walking the labyrinth with my Mom.”

Here’s what you’ll experience during the three exciting

in person Adventure Days that build upon each other:

  • The adventure begins with a community welcome circle: A mystical journey with the standing stones to meet and greet each other and introduce the theme of the day. 

  • Adventure Groups: Small group experiences specifically crafted to support the unique needs of each age. Mothers have their own adventure group and daughters do too! This is where you will learn new skills to help your feminine power, grow stronger and more inspired!

  • Mother Daughter Picnic Lunch: You will have lots to talk about! Share your lunch and your experiences! 

  • Mom and Daughter Adventure: Time to play together! In this experiential mini-workshop you explore a variety of partnership practices that build on the morning’s activities to bring you closer, laugh together, and learn more about each other. 

  • Closing Community Ritual: Each month we invite a few elders from our community and StarHouse priestesses to join you and your daughters in a closing ritual inside the StarHouse. You will be guided through a magical experience and community council to integrate the day. 

Between Adventure Days ...

we provide support to keep the heart connection growing!

  • A collection of beautiful worksheets to help you remember and integrate the tools and practices into your life between gatherings. 

  • A monthly group check-in to share learning and challenges so that we can help each other grow and flourish.

  • A private online community support group to ask questions, share fun stories, recipes, rituals and more.

"I was elated to learn of the deep connection a woman's spirit has with the cycles of nature and the astral universe (the moon)."

And, after our Adventure Days are over…the journey continues! 

We’ll provide you with an added bonus! 

  • Summer Curriculum A detailed packet of practices and tools to continue the journey throughout the summer. 

  • Discounts on Expert 1-on-1 coaching sessions with our facilitators. We are here to support you through the adolescent years on topics such as mothering teens, herbal health, rite of passage ceremonies, healthy eating, yoga and healing movement, earth based healing, womb and cycle support, your woman’s journey. 

  • Priority registration and a 20% discount on our Fall Mother-Daughter Retreat Series.

"I learned that Mom and I need to respect each other, and I realized that she just wants to protect me as much as possible."

Juicy Details…


These three Girl Power months are designed to transform your relationship with your daughter and yourself. They will bring earth magic to your lives and help set up nature as a place the two of you can meet to reconnect and share for years to come!


Ages: Mothers and their teen/pre-teen daughters, ages 10-15

Due to Covid restrictions, space is limited!


At The Star House in Boulder, CO

9:45 am - 5:00 pm 



  • April 11: Express yourself!

  • May 2: Flower Power & Self-care.

  • June 6: Stand in your power!

One of the greatest ways to support the future of our planet is helping girls thrive as they prepare for an empowered entry into womanhood.

Investment in your Mother Daughter Relationship:

$847/pair through April 1

$897/pair after April 1

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3 Pay Plan

Through April 1: three payments of $297

After April 1: three payments of $327 

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Your guides on this adventure: 


Lorene Wapotich founded Celebrating Her Rite to help women mentor and celebrate girls as they grow into womanhood. She's an herbalist, wilderness guide, and accomplished educator who has been designing and leading nature-based programs for girls for more than 25 years. She also trains women, especially moms, how to create meaningful and magical Coming of Age ceremonies that help girls develop confidence, courage and grit. She loves to play, tell stories, and sing songs, and is the mom of two teen step-daughters. 

Susie Kincade
 ...nature-based coach, founder of Women’s Empowerment Workshop, and StarHouse priestess devotes her life to empowering women and girls by growing their strength, courage, confidence and resilience through nature connection, ceremony  and adventure. She is mom and step-mom to four daughters.

Susie is a best-selling author and TEDxVailWomen speaker
Learn more about her work and programs at

Ixeeya Lin Beacher movement educator, shamanic womb healer and Starhouse priestess, dedicated to empowering women and girls to connect with their body, the earth and each other. Founder of Womens Tent Global Retreat, we gather to restore, remember and express full feminine power in co-creative rites of passage ceremony. 
Learn about our programs at



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